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First of all, we would like to thank you in advance for your confidence and hopefully you’ll be receiving your models shortly.

When buying from this website, the customer automaticly agrees to the terms and conditions of this website as stated below and is aware of the fact that customer can place an order on this website with payment obligation.



All prices mentioned on this website are dutch TAX included unless otherwise stated. When you live outside the EU, this TAX will be deducted from your invoice and you will see the prices of the product(s) and costs for shipping which are suitable for your situation

Prices without tax are displayed with every product (the smaller displayed amount) and will be used as a final price for customers outside the EU once you have been logged into our website.

Any import duty fees/VAT which is calculated to a buyer outside the EU when receiving a parcel from us, is the responsibility of the buyer. Arcunia.com - Your Scale Model Store can never be held responsible for any additional fees charged to the customer.


Payment Policies

Payments with creditcards via this website are securely processed by our payment provider Multisafepay = www.multisafepay.com

Arcunia.com offers payment options for most used ways of online payment.

For international buyers;

  • Paypal
  • Creditcards (via Multisafepay or Paypal)
  • Bank Transfer (Within EU only)

Any costs involved payment via Bank Transfer/wire transfer, will be at buyers costs.

Domestic buyers;

  • Bank Transfer
  • iDEAL (via Multisafepay)
  • Paypal
  • Creditcards (via Multisafepay or Paypal)

On this website, prices can be displayed in euro (€), US Dollar ($) and British Pound (£) for your convience. Payment can also be processed in these currencies.

Domestic Buyers can also collect their purchased items in our store and make payment “on the scene”. there will be no shippingcosts charged as there aren't any.


The definition of a pre-order means that the particular item is not yet in stock. We have an estimation though when the pre-orders are expected to arrive and we will work towards that date. Orders for in-stock models will be shipped immediatly after your payment has been received. Pre-order items will be held back for you after your payment has been received and shipped to you as soon as the models arrive in our store.

· In the case you ordered both “in-stock-” and “pre-stock-“ models. All will be send together. We’ll hold back the “in-stock” models and when the pre-order” models have arrived in our store we will ship them all together.

· If you don’t want your “in stock” items to wait for the “pre-order” items to be shipped when ordered together, it is recommended that you post the orders seperately so the “in-stock” items are not delayed. Please read the header "shipping" too!

· When customer wants multiple orders to be combined for shipping (COS), please read below in the header "shipping".

· It is always possible that a model that was expected at a given date, is delayed by the manufacturer. When this happens, we will get in contact with you over how to deal with the situation. Arcunia.com can never held resposible for this delay and any (extra) costs involved.


Shipping Prices: All shipping is calculated through TNT parcel service/PostNL (or in some cases DHL is optional) based on the estimated weight of your parcel which is calculated at checkout. These prices vary depending on your country and is to offer you the most reasonable shipping price available. Prices calculated for your purchase include some handlingcosts.

· Combined Order Shipping (COS). In quite a few situations, it is possible to combine shipping of 2 (or more) seperate orders in our store. When the customer already has an order in the system which is not yet shipped (because of pre-order items for example) and the customer wants to add some extra models to be shipped together with this existing order, that is often possible with us. When possible we'll combine a new order with the existing order and we will re-calculate the total costs for shipping for that combined delivery. That way you can save yourself extra costs for shipping. Since some pre-order models are announced but we have no ETA for these models, arcunia.com will decide with every request if the combined shipping of instock and pre-order is acceptable.

· Please note; When the COS is desired by the customer and awarded by arcunia, he/she just can buy the required additonal items in a new order like normal. In the remark field @ checkout the customer should mention that orders must be combined. We will recalculate the costs for shipping and refund too much paid costs for shipping to the account of the customer.

(In the case of Creditcard payment, we most probably will award the customer a store credit for the remaining amount - too much paid costs for shipping -), as costs for refund via Creditcard is quite expensive.

· When the customer decides to use this extra service and this request is awarded by arcunia.com, we will hold all models of that/these combined order(s) back, until the last model for these combined orders have arrived in our store.

Domestic Orders - We offer a shipment via PostNL or DHL “pakket service”. Pick-up from our store is also possible. Using PostNL/TNT or DHL as shipper for delivery within the Netherlands, please note the following;

  1. Regular shipping via PostNL/TNT. Choosing for this option as a shipping preference by the customer, Arcunia will not be held responsible in any case for lost or damaged parcels/productsWe will do anything though to prevent this from happening.
  2. Insured shipping via PostNL/TNT. Choosing for this option as a shipping preference by the customer, Arcunia will do all what is possible in it's power to start an investigation with the shipper. Parcels are usually insured to a Max. of either € 200,00 or € 500,00 per parcel. If you have ordered products with a price over that amount, a higher insured amount could be preferred. Please contact Arcunia about the options.
  3. DHL Parcel regular shipping(Available for NL/B.
    Choosing for this option as a shipping preference by the customer, Arcunia will not be held responsible in any case for lost or damaged parcels/productsWe will do anything though to prevent this from happening.

International Orders - We ship worldwide, and for these services we offer shipping options which are offered with PostNL/TNT international parcel service (for some countries DHL is optional). Shipping is calculated by weight, which is automaticly done after you completed your order. You will pay at cost for shipping. All orders shipped via this service (regular or insured shipping) will have a trackingnumber, which will be provided upon shipping

The buyer is responsible for any import and or customs fees of their native countries. Any parcels that are rejected, refused, seized or non-reclaimed will be considered "an issue beyond our control" and those are not the responsibility of arcunia and therefore, arcunia can never be held responsible for any costs involved with this occurance.

Arcunia offers 3 seperate International shipping options to buyer to choose from;

  1. Regular shipping via PostNL/TNT. Choosing for this option as a shipping preference by the customer, Arcunia will not be held responsible in any case for lost or damaged parcels/productsWe will do anything though to prevent this from happening. It speaks for itself though that, even when a regular shipment is bought by the buyer and something goes wrong, we will do anything to assist the buyer as much as possible to solve the issue. However, arcunia can never be held responsible for any issue when "regular" shipment is selected as preferred shipment option
  2. Insured shipping via PostNL/TNT. Selecting this - insured shipping - option as a shipping preference by the customer, Arcunia will do all what is possible in it's power to solve the issue if any loss or damage of a parcel/product will occur and start an investigation with the shipper in order to solve the problem. Arcunia has no influence on the time and manner how and when the shipper will handle a claim. In the time the shipper was informed about an issue with a shipment until they offer us a solution, we cannot offer replacement products, we have to wait for the decision from the shipper before we can start replacing lost/damaged products. Parcels shipped using this service are usually insured to a Max. of € 500,00 per parcel. If you have ordered products with a price over that amount, a higher insured amount could be preferred. Please contact Arcunia about the options.
  3. DHL Parcel regular shipping (Available for selected countries only). By using this specific service, arcunia will not be held responsible in any case for lost or damaged parcels/products.

Lost Orders

Lost Orders - NL - If your order does not arrive within 20 days after we notify you that it was sent then please let us know. All domestic orders are sent either via TNT pakket service/PostNL. All parcels have tracking numbers which are kept on file for 45 days before they are disposed.

Lost Orders - International - When a package is shipped insured, we will file a claim on your behalf after 90 days post mailing. If ths customer did not purchase insured shipping, we will do our best to accommodate your lost parcel. Unless insurance (use: insured shipping) is purchased, orders are shipped at buyers own risk.

When insured shipping is use and an issue occurred, upon claim clearance, - if possible - we will keep copies of the purchased products in question behind, in order to - if shipped decides to award the claim - to be able to replace the missing/damaged products. Any items not in stock you will be offered either store credit or a refund. Replacement of missing/damaged products before a solution is offered by the shipper to solve a claim cannot be rewarded

Order Tracking
Any information about tracking will be provided via email directly after shipping

Order Delays / Out of Stock

Unfortunately at times models are damaged or misplaced when they arrive in stock. When this occurs we will first attempt to locate the model through other distributors and/or retailers. This can cause a delay of a few weeks. We will try to inform you as soon as possible. I apologize ahead of time for any delays and issues this may cause. If the order is no longer available and cannot be sourced you will be issued a full refund of the model. If there order is combined it will ship without the model and you will be refunded appropriately.

Damage & Defects - All claims must be discribed and mailed including clear pictures of the damage/defect. If the claim is mailed without discription and/or clear pictures we will not handle it like such. Also buyer has to report the delivery of the damage product(s) to the delivery service which handed over the parcel in the country of destination. Without the proper documentation (proof of damage) from the delivery carrier or driver (CN-24 document for example) we don't have a case with the carrier in question and we cannot handle the claim. Claims including the necessary documents as described above will only be handled when buyer used an insured shipping option

We offer a 3 day time period (72 hours) after receipt of the order to inform us of order discrepancies, damages, or defects. If there is a mistake on our part or a noticeable manufacturer defect we will either give you a store credit, refund or exchange product at your discretion upon return of the item. Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer and arcunia will not pay for return shipping. In addition, original shipping costs will NOT be refunded whether your order has shipped or NOT been shipped.

Any and all damages that occur after your order leaves our store are covered only if you opted to pay the third party insurance fee which we can offer, otherwise arcunia takes no responsibility whatsoever for any broken, loose or detached parts that may or may not result in damage to any merchandise received from arcunia. All returned items must be authorized by us via email first and sent back with appropriate packing material in the same manner that you received it from us.

Models are NOT returnable for the following reasons:

1. Cockpit/window, cheatline allignment/placement either too high, too low or slightly crooked, however, smudged or defective printing is considered a defect. 

2. Mis-printed registrations. OH-LGY instead of OH-LGV or other mis-prints even if altered slightly from as advertised.

3. Any issue that is not noticeable under normal lighting and viewing conditions with the naked eye, or when the color is slighly off than the customer expected. For example, the color should be “blue-green” instead of “turquoise”.

4. Loose parts (non-broken) which can easily be (re)-glued (to the model). 

4a. When the buyer has tried to repair the damage/defect/loose parts to/of the item, with or without consulting Arcunia in advance, but/and failed to do so in a proper manner, warranty for refund/exchange/store credit will be not be awarded.

5. Gears that do not "roll" or wheels that do not touch the ground (ie float) when the model is placed on a flat surface is not considered a defect.

6. Bend parts (like gears and wings). This can happen due to transit. These models are diecast and most bend parts can be easily bend into shape again. Just bend the part back into shape with care.

7. If the damage or defect is caused by mistreatment of the model due to falling or any other way of mistreatment of a collection-item. These models are no toys.

8. Variations in the clear coat or polished metal.

9. Surface imperfections that are not visible when the model is displayed on its wheels or a stand (like underneath the wings/fusilage). This includes but is not limited to, variations in the clear coat or polished metal, small amounts of excessive glue/paint, or very light rub marks.

10. Any issue that is not noticable under normal lighting and viewing conditions without a magnifying glass or spot lighting conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, light surface scratches that do not go through the paint. Scratches over printed areas would be returnable.

11. A damaged or dent box is never an option for return a purchase, nor is it subject to change or refund. Boxes are to protect the models and though we pack models and boxes carefully, we can never guarantee that nothing could happen during transport that could dent or damage the models'box

Every model that leaves this store is checked. Even then it is possible that some minor issues occur upon delivery, but we do anything to prevent above issues to happen to the product you bought from us.

Cancellations and returns

If you have completed and placed the order and decide you do not want part or all of it then we will accept it as a RETURN, even if the order has NOT been shipped. If your order has been shipped you can send it back. When your wish to send your purchase back to- and is accepted by us, it has to be done with similar shipping and in the same box and protection used by us as we originally have sent your order out!. Model(s) and box MUST be in the same condition as when you received it.

When the way/material for the return used by buyer is not sufficient and has caused (extra) damage to either model or box, we will calculate the percentage of (extra) damage caused by the insufficient packed return goods and reduce this calculated amount/percentage with the total amount that will be refunded to the buyer.

The return must arrive here within 14 days from the date that you received the model from us. We will credit you the cost of the model minus any conditions per above PLUS a 15% restocking fee whether the model has or HAS NOT shipped.

The costs we have charged the buyer for shipping, or costs that the buyer needs to make to return products to us, will not be refunded in any circumstance.

  • In some situations, ordered (pre-order) models which are not yet shipped can be traded with (instock) models with equal value. In this situation, restock fees shall not be applied. Costs for shipping may be subject to re-calculation. Ask us for the options if you want to cancel (a) pre-ordered model(s)

Note: Any item that is “pre-ordered” that already has an order placed with the distributor for such model will be cancelled with a 25% cancellation fee.

Loyaltie points that would be awarded with acceptation of a purchase, will be cancelled at all times when a part of a purchase or the complete order is cancelled or returned for whatever reason, even with approval of Arcunia.

This includes also returns and exchanges for damaged and/or incomplete products.


When a "1 year" membership is bought, buyer receive a discount on every purchase (above a certain amount) in this store for 1 year. Seperate orders made using the membership discount, will be handled as such. When models from several orders using this membership discount can be shipped combined, it will be at the discretion of arcunia.com. Paid costs for shipping will not be refunded when models from seperate order are shipped combined.


All products that are shipped to the buyer remain the property of arcunia.com until the buyer has received and accepted the product(s). Prior to acceptance of the buyer, these products have to be treated with extra care as they're someone else's belonging. When the delivered product is not accepted by the buyer and arcunia.com agreed a return, these products remain property of arcunia.com and needs to be shipped back carefully treated/packed as mentioned in the header Cancellations and returns

Privacy policy

Your Privacy is important to us. We want you to know that when you use the arcunia.com Internet Web site, your personal identifying information will be respected and protected. arcunia makes every reasonable attempt to safeguard customer privacy (for example by using SSL). Except where required by regulation, court order, official authority or applicable law, arcunia will not provide any individual customer information or data to any third party at any time. Customer understands, agrees and acknowledges that when signing up for an account individual customer information or data collected will only be used by arcunia for the correct processing of orders, including but not limited to, improving arcunia services, notifying the customer of new arrivals and/or pre-orders, or extending special offers to the customer.

We would like to thank you for your support and we hope to see you back again soon.