Gift Certificate "Diamond"

€100.00 excl. vat
Reference: Gift Certificate "diamond" for a value of € 100,00

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Share the fun of collecting scale model aircraft with your loved ones.

Please read the additional conditions of buying/using these gift certificates below!

Give them a gift certificate of which are available in 5 different values;


·       Gift certificate “Bronze”   (value €   20,00)

·       Gift certificate “Silver”      (value €   30,00)

·       Gift certificate “Gold”       (value €   50,00)

·       Gift certificate “Platinum” (value €   75,00)

·       Gift certificate “Diamond” (value € 100,00)


You will be charged for the purchase of this gift certificate and you will receive this printable file, containing an unique code which can be used in our store for the amount mentioned on that certificate.

The file you will receive (please be sure you registered emailadres is correct) is printable on 10x15cm (31516 x 52932 inch) photopaper card.


Extra conditions for buying/using these certificates;

·       Keep this code away from everybody else but the recipient as there will be no refund/ new certificate issued once the code on your gift certificate is used. So if someone else uses the code on your certificate, it will be treated as”used”.

·       These gift certificates can only be used for buying models in our store. There is no possibilty for refund or money change possible in any circumstance. Even if not the whole amount mentioned on the certificate is used

·       The amount mentioned on this certificate has to be spend “in 1 time”. There will be no partial purchases possible with this certificate, nor will there be any refund when not the whole value is used in 1 purchase.

·       The “buyer”of this card will be charged the value of the amount mentioned on the gift certifcate + 3.50% + € 0,35 per payment for payment fees.

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