Save for more discount!

When you buy models from our store, we appreciate to have you as a customer and we will not only give you a fair price for the models and shipping, but we also reward you extra points.

These points are awarded depending on the total value of products you buy (excl. costs for shipping).

The more you buy, the more of these so called "loyalty points" will be awarded to you. By collecting these points, buying at our store becomes even more interesting.

By purchasing multiple items from this store, shipping per item will be cheaper and you are saving those points, which you can use at any moment for a future purchase as well. You can also choose to save them for some longer period of time*, so you can order that "big and expensive" model (for example) for an even better price.

just another "pre" to buy at our store.


Note; Loyalty points will be rewarded after the customer has received and accepted the bought products. Awarded points remain valid for 1 year. After that period of time, the points collected will be cancelled. Rejecting or cancellation of the orders/products will cause the awarded points to be cancelled. Collected Loyalty points can only be used to buy products from and via this website and never can be traded for money itself

Please note: loyalty points will only be awarded when products are bought using this website. On any other way of ordering, via email, Ebay or if any other discount is already calculated (membership discount herein not included),  these points will not be rewarded.