First of all it is recommended that you are registered/logged into this website. When you are not logged in (visiting this webstore as a visitor) you will see the Dutch/Domestic prices (for the products and costs for shipping). When you are registered/logged into this webshop, the prices for the products AND costs for shipping displayed are suitable for your personal situation.

When you are already registered to our store, but your login/pass won't work, please enter a - new -  password by clicking "forgot password" on the login page. You will be sent a link where you can enter a (new) password for your account. Since the login module was updated a few weeks ago, we noticed that not all passwords are stored correct but this will be solved after you have renewed your password this way. When you encounter any (other) issues with our website, please inform us, so we can solve them.

To buy your models from our store;

  • Click “Add to cart” button on the products you wish to purchase.
  • When all products of your interest are added to the shoppingcart, click “Checkout” in the dropdown cart which is placed on the top right of your screen to continue to the checkout page of our store.
  • When you clicked “checkout” on the dropdown shoppingcart, you will directed to the “3 columns” checkout page
    • When you clicked “checkout” on the screen from you latest addition, you first will be directed to an overview of your shoppingcart. Here you can adjust the quantity of the products you wish to buy. When the contence in your cart is correct, click checkout to go to the actual “3 column” checkout page of our store
  • You'll reach the actual “checkout” page where you’ll see 3 columns
    • The left column where you have to enter your personal data (name and adres data) or, when you registered before, you can loging to our website
    • The middle column where you can select the shipping- and payment options  you prefer
    • The right column is the overview of your shoppingcart + the shippingoption you selected. Also the total price of your purchase will be shown there
  • Once you have entered your personal data in the left column, ot have logged into our website, all options for shipping and payment for your personal situation will be shown.
  • When you are content with the contence in the cart as shown in the right column and you wish to buy them, please mark the checkbox with the you  understand the “order with payment obligation” tekst and then click the button “buy now
  • After you have clicked buy now – and all data is correct – you will be directed to a page of our payment provider (multisafepay) where you can make your payment for your order
  • When all is done, you have bought the items of your choiceand you will be redirected to our store with the remark that your payment is received and your purchase is received


  • Payments from arcunia. com can be made in EURO (€), GBP (£) and USD ($)
  • We offer quite a few different payment options for your purchase. Most of them will be handled by our payment provider "multisafepay" like (amongst others);

  • iDEAL (Only NL)
  • VISA
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Applepay
  • Giropay
  • Sofort Banking

Apart from Multisafepay, we also offer these other payment options for your purchase;

  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer payment (within EU only)
  • Cash on Pickup (only for instore pickup orders)


Here are some extra remarks which are important for you to know;

Note to our UK customers;

Since Brexit, the UK has dramaticly changed their VAT policy. Because of this change it is possible for our UK customers to buy items from our webshop when the amount for the products (VAT & Shipping excluded) exceeds € 165,00 - 135 GBP. When you live in the UK and the total amount for the items of your interest is below this amount, we recommend that you buy these items from our Ebay store (<- click link) When you buy from our Ebay store for an amount of less than 135 GBP (VAT & Shipping excluded), ebay will delete the dutch VAT from your order and charge you the UK VAT instead. This means that you will not pay any additional costs to HMRC. For orders above € 165,00/135GBP, we recommend UK buyers to buy products directly from this website.

Pre-order models;

  • Pre-order models are products that are not (yet) available with us. When we have an expected date of delivery for those models, we will add an “ETA” with the productpage on the particular item.

    When there is no ETA mentioned with the item, it is not known. Please don’t send us emails asking if we have an ETA, because if this isn’t displayed with the product, we do not know. Availablilty of pre-order products depends on the manufacturer. We have no control over final delivery of the products to our store and even when an ETA is displayed with an item, this date still is an estimation as shipments can even then be delayed.

Instock models;

  • Instock models are models that we have in stock. These items shall be shipped to your registered adres a.s.a.p

Combination purchase;

  • Combination purchases are purchases containing both instock and pre-order items. Since for 1 purchase, 1x costs for shipping is paid, we will ship all items from a combination purchase at once when ALL items from the particular purchase are available in our store.

    When a combination purchase is bought, we will reserve the instock items until the pre-order items are also available and ship all items from this particular purchase at once

Cancellations of items/orders;

  • All ordered items are considered Sold & final: no returns/cancellation is accepted after payment is made. In some cases we will consider exchange of products from a purchase for max. the value of the – to exchange – products minus costs for shipping.

- The terms and conditions from this store, which you can find “here” are subject to change without prior notice.