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Still, due to Covid-19 virus measures many countries have applied ánd the massive increase of shipped parcels, some delay of receiving your parcel may occur. Please be aware of this fact and please take note of the situation in your own country concerning delivery of mail/parcels.

As always, we welcome our UK customers, but because of Brexit we had to add a restriction for new orders from our UK customers. For the time being, the minimum order value has to be > € 160,00 (excl VAT & shipping). Please read our Terms and conditions (header shipping) regarding this situation or, if you wish to buy (a) model(s) for less than that amount, please buy your model(s) from our Ebay store. Thank you and sorry for the inconvience caused.

Some important information while browsing this website;

Since July 1st 2021, we have updated our webstore to the (new) EU VAT regulations. Those regulations require webstores to use the VAT for products and shipping within the EU, which apply in the country of destination/delivery. That means that buyers from products in our store will be subject to VAT of their own country instead of NL VAT, so the following statement is now even more important that it was before (read on here below);

We recommend all visitors to register and log into this website with every visit. Being logged in provides you with all correct information for your personal situation, like prices of the models (in- or excl. TAX) as well as correct information about the costs for shipping your order. If you haven't registered yourself yet, please do so. It is free and will give you many advantages while using this website.

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